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Why I love my Kindle so much

In the past couple of years, the amount of reading I have done on my Kindle has increased tenfold.  While there have been studies and vehement opinions arguing that paper is preferable to digital, I think e-readers have their place.  I will be quick to acknowledge the cons: I do not think I retain information as well on e-readers because part of how I digest and remember is through marking texts up and remembering the actual placement of words on a page.  I will admit that there is something about the physical experience of turning a page and inhaling the scent of a freshly printed book or an ancient hardback bearing years of history.


The convenience of my Kindle is hard to beat (and I do mean Kindle, not just any e-reader.  When I compare my experience to friends who have other types of e-readers, I think the Kindle wins by a landslide).


Here are the reasons why I find myself reading so much more often:

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Using technology to track and tackle chores

First, my necessary preamble: On this blog, I talk a lot about the seeming contradictions in my experience as a twenty-first century "liberated" woman. I identify with many feminist principles--I want equal pay and not to be held to an unrealistic standard for beauty that demands a certain kind of perfection--but I also want a clean house and cute dresses.  Many in my generation, I believe, are trying to hold the two impulses together, and I want to share both: the progressive and nostalgic leanings, the serious and the superficial.

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On being productive: Why we can't do lazy Saturdays anymore

This hamster wheel has always existed, fed years ago not by the internet but the comparison trap that still is at the root of the frenzy.  The internet intensifies our feelings of insecurity or inferiority because we now have access to both friends' and strangers' carefully curated presentations of themselves.  In a matter of seconds, we find evidence of people exercising their gifts and talents to seeming perfection.  One friend has connections with the President, another acquaintance bakes like a professional but has a full-time job and four children, and our uncle ran another marathon all the while writing a novel and throwing the party of the century for his spouse.  And so many of us ask, How do I fit into this world?  Do I measure up?  Why am I not more interesting or accomplished?

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