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Happiness is a bunch of little things

For the past five weeks, my time has not been my own.  I’ve emerged from the fog of Commissioned Officer Training, and I have so many thoughts and words about the experience, which I will share eventually.  Most of what I learned had to do with leadership and the military and our country, of course, but I found myself thinking at least as much about the kind of life I have created for myself.

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This Lent I am praying for my enemies

Enemies.  I have always found that word to be strange.  Extreme.  Something with which I cannot really identify.  After all, I am a fortunate, upper middle class, well educated white woman who feels safe and well cared for most of the time.  With the exception of my gender, I otherwise belong to our culture's dominant and powerful groups.  Who am I to have enemies?  I am not threatened or mistreated or abused.

So when I would hear Jesus calling for us to love our enemies, I never really got it on a visceral level.  Cerebrally, I knew his message was challenging and counterintuitive and unpalatable.  It seemed fitting for his followers in the dangerous first century world of oppressive Roman rule or my neighbors on the other side of the world or fellow Americans who are part of minority groups.  But it did not seem to apply to me.  

As I have gotten older, however, I have become agitated more easily.  I thought most people mellowed with age, but such does not seem to be true in my case.  

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