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Funny things that I do now that I have a kid

Certain changes I anticipated when I had a child: I have wipes stashed on every floor and in every car, I always carry several snacks with me, and my daily word count totals at least twice what it was in my pre-kid days.  But other shifts in my behavior I did not expect.  In fact, some of them run completely contrary to the pictures our culture paints of parenthood.  For instance:

1.  I read more now.

While my book count certainly approaches nowhere near what it did during my college and graduate school career, I read more books than I did before having children.  I am stuck waiting much more often now in carpool drop-offs, sporting events, and appointments.  In these awkward pockets of time, I try to read a few pages on my Kindle app rather than clicking through my social media feeds.  While I know that my daughter does not know whether I am reading on my phone or bouncing between click bait articles, I know, and I am more self-conscious about how I am spending my downtime.

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Books that changed the way I see the world

I am an unapologetic book lover.  I remember going to the library as a child and carrying a huge stack of books home.  I knew the checkout limit (It was thirty-two books).  Perhaps it is because I am an introvert, and I love how reading allows me to be alone but still engaged, or perhaps it is because I savor silence, but books hold an important place in my life.  

I try to track books here, but some reads are admittedly better than others.  I am hard pressed to name my favorite books, but I can think of some books that changed how I approach the world.  New worlds open up to me as I take in different voices and perspectives.  These are not necessarily the best books that I have ever read, but they touched me on a very personal level.  Here are eight titles (arranged chronologically, from the book I first read to my most recent find):

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Why I love my Kindle so much

In the past couple of years, the amount of reading I have done on my Kindle has increased tenfold.  While there have been studies and vehement opinions arguing that paper is preferable to digital, I think e-readers have their place.  I will be quick to acknowledge the cons: I do not think I retain information as well on e-readers because part of how I digest and remember is through marking texts up and remembering the actual placement of words on a page.  I will admit that there is something about the physical experience of turning a page and inhaling the scent of a freshly printed book or an ancient hardback bearing years of history.


The convenience of my Kindle is hard to beat (and I do mean Kindle, not just any e-reader.  When I compare my experience to friends who have other types of e-readers, I think the Kindle wins by a landslide).


Here are the reasons why I find myself reading so much more often:

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On my nightstand: November edition

Here's a look at what I've been reading this month. To see more of what I've been reading or to trade book recommendations, follow me on Goodreads. I'd love to hear about any recent literary gems you've found (or books that I shouldn't waste my time reading)!

Big Little Lies

I loved Liane Moriarty's What Alice Forgot, so I was not surprised that this title also one me ever.  Moriarty's works are chick lit at its best--charming, heart-warming, and uplifting.  The book premise sounds sinister, but she weaves a tale that ultimately provokes sympathy in the reader.  Kudos to Moriarty too for tackling a difficult issue--domestic abuse--with grace, nuance, and courage.

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