19 for 2019


Here we go!

I’ll admit: I almost didn’t publish this list because much of it’s personal (although not necessarily private) and I also am having a hard time finding my mojo since I’m about to leave for a month of training. In the training environment, my time will not be my own, so my list will essentially be on hold for the first five weeks of the year. Not the best way to start off a resolutions list for 2019, huh? But ultimately I decided that intention-setting is important, and I made a very doable list for this year (we will see if I still think so in December!). Some of the items are already underway, and some will wait until I return to normal life in February.

  1. Make kombucha.

    Already underway! I’m learning. It’s a long process (a may document it on Instagram stories eventually), but it is satisfying!

  2. Complete Commissioned Officer Training (COT).

    This will be a challenge. I’ll be gone from the family for five weeks in Alabama. It’s a rigorous schedule.

  3. Complete first Reserve duty tour.

    This will be the year of professional travel! I”ll be away from home another month in the summer, and I’ll attend a few conferences this year. I’m excited to flex new work muscles, but leaving the kids for so long will be hard. I’m dreading how much I will miss this year and am trying to take it one trip at a time!

  4. Find a new church home.

    We want to set down roots somewhere since I’ve left the local church I served for the past several years. We have visited a few and hope to “land” somewhere soon.

  5. Replace or makeover entry doors.

    They are warped, flimsy, and a bad first impression of the house. This should be a small but satisfying home project!

  6. Research keyless entry locks.

    I’d love to have a code option to enter the house.

  7. Acknowledge birthdays.

    I’m trying to get better about remembering (or let’s be real, getting Google Calendar to remind me) of birthdays. It’s an important part of relationships that I have let slide in the recent years.

  8. Schedule and/or attend a fitness conference.

    I had one scheduled for this month and then got called up for training, so my goal is to attend one later this year or at least get one on the books for 2020.

  9. Submit a piece of writing.

    This is the most modest this goal could possibly be, and I wonder if I should aim higher. I’d like to push myself to write for more than this space. Stay tuned.

  10. Continue playing around with Instagram stories.

    This is my favorite form of social media. The kids make it fun!

  11. Figure out our overflow storage system for pantry items.

    We buy in bulk, and our pantry cannot accommodate everything. I’ve made do in the coat closet with our overflow goods for the past few years, but it’s still a pain point. I want to figure out a lasting solution. (Maybe it’s actually buy less and forgo the discount?)

  12. Run “fast” once a week.

    I’ve pushed my running pace in preparation for training and remembered how good it feels to run fast! Those endorphins! I’d like to continue working on speed after training is over—not necessarily for a race, but just for me.

  13. Mark time with the children and make the days special.

    This is vague, and I need to nail it down more. I know some people schedule “Mommy Days” with their kids, and I could do that. Right now, I’d probably forgo that with Nicholas since he gets so much hands on time, but perhaps I’ll look at doing something special one-on-one with Charlotte a few times this year. We don’t necessarily need to do huge, mind blowing travels but we could stand to break up the routine more. I’m thinking more things like Disney on Ice (which we did this past November) and more donut runs.

  14. Schedule cabin getaways.

    A lesson I’ve learned along the way: If it is not on the calendar, it does not happen. Getting away is so important for my perspective and mental health.

  15. Explore Junior League leadership.

    Now that I have a year of membership under my belt, I would like to become more involved.

  16. Take a day for planning or retreat.

    This will take some coordination with my husband Dan, but I would like to take a day to reflect, dream, and set intentions.

  17. Write 50 handwritten notes.

    This appeared on last year’s list, and it was a flop. I did not make it measurable, so this year I am attaching a number. Fifty notes works out to a little less than one per week, which I think is doable.

  18. Find the perfect everyday stud earrings.

    My ears are increasingly sensitive as I age, and most of my earrings irritate my ears. I love fun earrings, though! Since most of the trendy earrings are made of cheap metals, I need a pair of quality studs that I love and can wear with anything.

  19. Plan fun day trips to Richmond for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

    This is just for fun! Richmond has great shops and restaurants, and I should take advantage of its proximity to Charlottesville more often. It’s such an easy drive.