Commendable links about guns


I think we are all running out of things to say about mass shootings and school violence.  Right now, I don't have anything new to add to the dialogue, other than:

1.  This has to stop.

2.  God help us.

3.  But we also need to help ourselves.

4.  We have to learn to find our common ground in this country--for many reasons, on many matters, but especially on this issue, when lives are literally at stake, and our most vulnerable citizens at that.


So I am praying and reading and trying to fight the numb feeling that has become all to familiar as I encounter story after story of evil and despair from that safe, faraway place of my computer and cell phone screens.


Here's what is giving me hope, inspiration, and food for thought:

1.  Respectful dialogue.  Left and right can talk to each other constructively.  If a home design blogger can get the conversation started, we can too.

2.  Everything Brene Brown writes is gold, but this especially resonated with my Alabama roots.  It's not either/or; it can be both/and.

3.  Yet another reason to love our teachers. (If you only read one link, let it be this one.)


What have you read that you can recommend?

Emily Rowell Brown