How I consume the news


Right now, it’s tempting to turn off the radio, television, and internet news alerts altogether and hide under a rock. I get it! In 2018, there is no nuance, civil discourse, or middle ground, it seems. Yet I also believe it is important to stay informed.

Like most millennials, I consume the news digitally (We’ve actually never had a paper newspaper subscription!). I’ve chosen to subscribe to several email newsletters that arrive in my inbox every weekday. I purposely subscribe to more than one—first, so I am less likely to miss major news stories, and second, so I hear from a variety of perspectives. Here are my top sources for news digests:


  1. The Skimm

This newsletter is targeted towards millennials and skews a little left, but it is clever, thorough, and very readable. It takes about three to five minutes to read in full, and the jokes and 90s pop culture references they sneak in will leave you smiling.

Arrives in your email inbox very early morning

2. The Pickup Line

This newsletter is geared towards women in—you guessed it—the carpool pickup line. This digest is the shortest and breeziest of the bunch with only a few news stories and a smattering of other non-newsy things, like a suggested recipe for that night’s dinner and a playlist.

Arrives around 2 or 3 p.m.

3. NextDraft

This is a new find for me and has the most personal feel of all of the digests. It contains ten topics with related news stories and sometimes the editor’s side commentary (which is snarky in the best possible way). I visit websites and stories that I never otherwise would have found, and I would name this curation the MVP of the bunch. The only con is that it takes the longest to read—closer to ten minutes.

Arrives in the evening

4. Finimize

Financial news! I skim this newsletter. Even though it is marketed as simple, easy to understand financial news for non-Wall Street people, I still sometimes find it challenging. The surface level information is nice to have in the back of my brain, though.

Arrives at night

All in all, thanks to these curations, I figure that I spend about twenty minutes each day on the news, which feels about right for me. I usually stay on top of the major stories and can learn more when I desire.

What am I missing? Are there any other good digests? I’ve tried a few others over the years but these have been the ones that have stood the test of time. They aren’t too partisan and consistently provide quality content. And hey—I’m not consuming my news via Facebook, so I’m a saner, happier, and calmer person!

Emily Rowell Brown