Favorite finds


Every so often, I like to share some of my favorite discoveries that I think others may also enjoy.  Please chime in with your favorites!


Did you know that you can check if your library has a book every time you find a book on Amazon?  I find it much easier to search for titles on Amazon than on my library's interface, and I love seeing at a glance if a book is available.  I know I read more broadly and save more money because of this genius app!


Both of these shows are from the Freeform network and have clear agendas, but I don't care.  I'm enjoying streaming them on Netflix and being entertained while learning a little something new.  Switched at Birth debunks some myths about deafness, and The Fosters examines the foster system (Dan and I of course resonate greatly with the latter).  The shows are geared towards teenagers and have their share of angst, but they tackle tough issues with heart and nuance.



3.  Book Club Kits from the local library

Did you know that many libraries offer book club kits?  Our book club is trying out this service for our next meeting, and we have been impressed so far.  Ten books are available for checkout and come together in a tote bag with discussion questions.  The offerings rotate periodically, and the library offers some popular and current titles.  You really cannot beat free!


We began sponsoring a child this Christmas who is around our daughter's age.  This organization does a great job at encouraging relationships between sponsors and recipients by sending prompts and letter templates which each side sends back and forth.  We have enjoyed learning a bit about our child's life and sharing some about our own family.  For those with children especially, this is a nice and concrete way to begin raising awareness about our neighbors around the globe.


5.  Granola on salad

So weird, but don't knock it until you've tried it.  I encountered it at a restaurant recently and was pleasantly surprised.  I don't know why I thought it was so strange because it is not so different from salad toppings like croutons or nuts or dried fruit (it's a combination of those three, in fact).  For something different and fun, give it a whirl!


6.  Bare apple chips

These are portable, allergen free, healthy, and tasty.  It took a while for our four-year-old to warm up to them, but now she loves them (Funny how when her best friend loves something, she decides she does too, but hey, I'm all for peer pressure for good).  This is a snack I enjoy too, so cheers for an adult- and child-friendly option.  The ingredients are just apples and spices, and the texture is crunchy, not chewy, which I prefer to dried apples.  Bonus: they are available on Amazon Subscribe and Save!


Target had these on super sale recently, and I stocked up on these bins for a little more than a dollar apiece.  Since they usually go for more than three times that, I grabbed a bunch.  Many we have not used just yet, and it's nice to have storage options waiting rather than rearranging and scrambling to find a solution when we need to contain small items.  


8.  The Skimm and BRIGHT email newsletters

I have mentioned the Skimm before, but this is the first time that I have mentioned BRIGHT.  The Skimm works hard to be non-partisan, but I would say that it leans left, and BRIGHT is explicitly conservative.  I like the balance that reading both together each morning offers me.  I am not a news junkie, but I want to keep up with what is going on in our world, so these weekday news summaries help me stay informed.