Fall Bucket List


We are a few weeks into fall, and it already feels like it is flying by!  As the calendar fills up, I tend to let the fun things slide.  Here is my autumn bucket list:


1.  Attend the school's fall carnival.

2.  Paint or carve a pumpkin.  Or both!

3.  Buy something with an autumnal scent--a candle, soap, potpourri.

4.  Roast pumpkin seeds (This is a job for my husband Dan.  I have no patience for pumpkin guts!). 

5.  Decorate the house for fall and Halloween.

6.  Make a Halloween-themed menu for dinner.

7.  Pick apples from our local orchard.

8.  Make homemade candy, like these homemade peanut butter cups, these Twix (sub Earth Balance and almond milk to make vegan), and these Rolos.

9.  Eat lots of squash, brussels sprouts, and apples.

10.  Turn on lamps instead of overhead lighting at night to make the house cozy, soft, and warm.

11.  Visit a cabin and make a fire in a wood-burning fireplace.

12.  Turn on our gas fireplace in the evening.

13.  Open the windows.

14.  Take long family Sunday afternoon walks.

15.  Cook vegetarian chili.

16.  Begin making Christmas gifts.

17.  Make pumpkin bread, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin granola, pumpkin oatmeal....basically, pumpkin everything.

18.  Begin researching vegan eggnog recipes for Christmastime.

19.  Design our Christmas cards.

20.  Go trick-or-treating and hand out candy.

21.  Document the change in the color of the foliage around our town.

22.  Pop popcorn on the stovetop (especially since we ditched our microwave for this wonder).

23.  Soak up the last few weeks of the city Saturday farmers market.

24.  Research ditching cable and switching to TV streaming services.

25.  Find my signature dish that works for any entertaining occasion.

26.  Drink more tea (this is my current favorite).

27.  Start a stretching routine.

28.  Find a few tried and true handbags, and get rid of all those bags I have amassed over the years that do not work.

29.  Watch a few cheesy, predictable fall movies on Hallmark Channel.

Emily Rowell Brown