I started a podcast!

I've been busy lately, with some things that I am ready to announce here on the blog and some things that will wait for a few more months.  For one thing, I started a new position as vicar of St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Ivy, Virginia.  I also began a podcast!

I have long had an interest--bordering on obsession--in communications, particularly when it comes to faith communities.  It is my firm belief that we have many people doing amazing creative things that we unfortunately never capture well.  We stand to learn from and be inspired by each other if we only share our stories!

And so I created this podcast, where I talk to neat people serving God in all sorts of fresh, fascinating ways.  It's kind of unpolished and bumpy (although considering that I had absolutely no background in doing any sort of audio production, I will say that I have already come a long way), but I'm sticking with it, and I hope some of you will too.

If you wanted to listen, I would really appreciate it.  

If you wanted to rate it, I would love it--and it helps others discover the show.  (Here's how.)

And if you decided to share it with a friend or on social media?  That would be awesome.


Without further ado, here's the podcast, Churches Doing Cool Things.  Sign up for the newsletter to learn when new episodes drop, and subscribe on your favorite podcatcher app.


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And finally, should you or someone you know be on the show?  Let me know!



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