Robert E. Lee Meets and Marries Betty Friedan. Or Something Like That.

Okay, perhaps that's a bit extreme.  I am prone to exaggeration.  And I suppose it is a bit egotistical and narcissistic to compare Dan and me to individuals who rose to such fame and love them or hate them, boasted many accomplishments and effected change.  Nonetheless, I continue to find myself wondering, Really?  Why?  about how the two of us ended up together.

Look through our closet, and hanging across from Dan's framed Robert E. Lee picture (see, I could not make this stuff up!) is my "I may be pink but I'm still green"-printed recycled canvas purse.  Dan drives a Dodge Durango; I love my Honda Civic.  Utter the words "fried," "meat," or "cream," and Dan is all in; I, on the other hand, am out.  Dan goes out of his way to introduce pomp and circumstance to any occasion as I cringe.  Tradition provides Dan with the only necessary justification to perform a particular ceremony, action, or task, but I often believe it useful to introduce innovation.  Let's just leave it that we occupy different ends of the political spectrum.  And while Dan blasts his Kesha CDs over the car stereo and sings along, I laugh at him (in the most loving way of course!). 

Fairly typically situation.  Dan, fully of happiness, bliss, zeal, excitement, and crazy, and me, smiling obliviously.  

Me: I thought we were taking a for-real picture?

Dan: But this way is so much more fun!

Antonyms that apply here:





type A/type B


feminist/Isn't that mess over already?


Can you guess which labels apply to each of us?

Perhaps our respective breakfasts best sum up our relationship.  If Dan remembers to eat breakfast, he favors Toaster Strudels or Cap'n Crunch, bacon, and eggs.  On the other hand, if Kashi cereal or overnight oats, fruit, and coffee do not make their way into my stomach every morning, it will not be a good day.


cardboard/flavor (I'm anticipating Dan's addition to my list--I would prefer to term it "sustainable, whole, and healthy/industrial, processed, and heart attack," but I'll leave that argument for now)


All of this essentially provides a long-winded introduction to a challenge to this recently wedded couple: What to cook that pleases us both?  How can I appeal to our very different tastes and likes in one balanced, affordable meal?  Already, experimentation, compromise, triumphs and failures, and laughs and tears (fortunately only from the onions so far) have ensued in the kitchen and at the dinner table.  Sounds like the beginning of marriage.


P.S.  On the bright side of Dan's Kesha addiction?  I think his love for female pop vocal artists transfers over to his movie preferences.  He always agrees to a chick flick, no arm twisting involved!  This weekend we watched The Backup Plan, adding to our tally of titles including Bridesmaids, Father of the Bride, He's Just Not That Into You, The Ugly Truth, 27 Dresses....