Stocking stuffers that don't suck: 30 small treats that don't cost a fortune

Excuse the provocative title, or, as one of my favorite people would say, "Pardon my French."  But saying "stocking stuffers that don't stink" just did not have the same effect, and we all know that, when it comes to the internet, sensational titles get the job done.  I'm not sure this post needs any more preface.  Here are some ideas for stocking stuffers that (at least in my humble opinion) won't result in overstuffed, crap-filled drawers and closets.

For the grown-ups:

1.  Fancy salts.  They take up room and don't cost much, but they still feel special and fancy.  Trader Joe's sells some great ones, or you can make your own.

2.  Good quality dish towels.  I am always in need of some that stand up to drying.

3.  Scented sachets or odor removers for drawers or the car.

4.  Life-changing double hook shower rings.  This is not a gift you would give every year, but it will make the recipient so happy.

5.  Silpat nonstick baking mats.

6.  Fancy coffees and teas.  The prettier the packaging, the better.  Fresh Market and Trader Joe's are great for these.

7.  Milk frother for homemade lattes.

8.  Special soaps and baths salts for washing.  We are big fans of paying a little more for a special item that we would use anyway throughout the year.  So in January and February, we get to wash with fancy soap before switching to our regular everyday budget variety.  Hand in Hand operates with a buy one, give one business model.

9.  Keychain bottle opener, so the beer is always accessible.

10.  Ipad stand.  We love using ours in the kitchen while we read recipes.

11.  Cheeky sticky notes.

12.  USB Hub.  Great for travels.

13.  Good quality nail clippers.  Tweezerman promises that you never need to replace them!


For the kiddos:

14.  Cat's Cradle.  Revisit the classic.

15.  Glow in the dark stars.

16.  Tangles, or other sensory fidget toys.

17.  Story cubes.  Learn how to build a story!

18.  Origami paper.

19.  Road tape.  Make a road for trucks and cars anywhere!

20.  Modeling clay.  Melissa & Doug always makes good stuff.


For everyone:

21.  Granola bars, like 2 Degrees, which donates a meal to a hungry child with each purchase

22.  Space saving snack containers.  Perfect for lunchboxes, purses, and glove compartments.

23.  Socks, especially those with a cause, like Bombas.  You can go fun, athletic, or high quality.

24.  Sturdy bookmarks--because most of us have not entirely switched over to digital reading.

25.  Specialty spiced or roasted nuts.

26.  Earbud organizer.  No more tangled cords.

27.  Gum or mints.  You can never have too many.

28.  Lip balm.  My favorites are made by Crazy Rumors.

29.  Nut butter packets and chocolate bars (the Peppermint Stick is out of this world!) because we need some treats to outlast the Christmas season.

30.  And the quintessential favorite, clementines!

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