I love roundup blog posts.  This post revisits some of my favorites that may have been buried on my social media feeds and mentions a few new finds.  Here are some of the highlights of what I've been watching, reading, eating, and enjoying this month:

I intended to post this yesterday, but life had other plans--or more specifically, the weather.  Like almost everyone else, I'm tired of the snow and ice, even more so after spinning out on an icy patch of road yesterday and hitting a sign.  The car is in the shop, and fortunately I didn't hurt myself or anyone else, but spring, can you please get here?



Links I've pondered:

  • 12 women who had the perfect response to sexist questions.  Especially interesting in light of this year's Academy Awards.
  • Why millennials don't want to buy stuff.  Nailed it.
  • Why mornings don't make you moral.  I love the idea of making the most of my mornings more than the actual making.  Good read.
  • The science behind how boredom benefits creative thought.  I'm scared by how much I rely on my phone to fill empty moments in my day.  I think there are benefits to simply being and not always consuming.
  • A trick to save big on audiobooks.  Brilliant.  I'm so trying this.  I'm too cheap to listen to anything but library books, but even I will shell out $5-10 for this option.



Recipes we've devoured:

  • Killer granola.  SO.  GOOD.
  • Mexican cauliflower rice.  I've been meaning to try this forever, and I finally did.  I think I prefer it roasted or mashed, but this preparation is nice for variety.
  • Chickpea scramble.  A nice alternative to scrambled eggs for people who don't like or don't eat eggs, good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.



Books I've loved (or tolerated):

Stay tuned for reviews on the 15th of each month and follow me on Goodreads to see my ratings.

  • Me Before You
  • Gone Girl
  • The Battle for God
  • C.S. Lewis: A Life
  • Lizzy and Jane
  • Small Victories
  • Do the Work


Shows we're inhaling:

  • Weeds  I hate to admit it, but after months of begging me to watch the show, Dan won me over.  I despised the concept but enjoy the show (all seasons are available on Netflix).
  • House of Cards.  Still trying to get into it, but maybe the drop of the third season's episodes will give us the push we need!
  • Shark Tank.  Why, oh why, is it so interesting to watch people pitch their products?  But it is.


Products I'm enjoying:

  • Our Tesla.  This really is the only one worth mentioning.  It arrived this month, and it is amazing.  I relish the thought that I will never need to get gas again (well, practically never--we do have a Jeep).  We're carsharing, which deserves its own post.
  • But, if I had to mention something else, I would say this shower spray.  I know...a car and shower spray?  I think I'm nuts too.  But seriously: this stuff requires no wiping or scrubbing and seriously cuts down on the amount of residue that builds up in our new shower.


And, the best of the blog this month:

  • Is it possible to meal plan and eat seasonally?
  • What can you lose and still achieve the same result?
  • The marvel of the Magic Eraser: Thoughts on girlfriends and domesticity


What did you enjoy this month?  Any favorites to share?


Emily Rowell Brown