I'm baaack!


My hiatus was longer than I intended, but for whatever reason, I have a hard time writing in the midst of transitions...and waiting.  When my life is up in the air, I want to clean out my closets, not sit down at my desk to write, even though I am sure that the internal processing would do me good.  So, to fill you in on what has happened since I breaked:

We're moving.  


Yes, as much as I may have talked a big game about trying to make DC our home and being present wherever I currently find myself, I just couldn't take it.  Dan and I will be sad to leave the friends, relationships, and opportunities here, but we will not miss the traffic, cost of living, frenetic pace of life, politics, or workaholism.  At all.

Many people talk about soul mates, but I also think there is such a thing as soul place.  Dan and I are returning to the foothills of the Virginia mountains, where we met, dated, and married.  This is our happy place, and we are thrilled to return.



I suppose it goes without saying, but I have a new job.  

I will serve as an associate rector at an Episcopal church and focus especially on--you guessed it--young adult ministry.  The context will be night and day from Georgetown, and I am excited for the challenge.  Dan is transitioning from active duty military to the reserves, so he has big changes in store too.



New house, new projects.

We have the home improvement bug, so a few renovations and makeovers are in our future.



Most notably, we're looking for a lifestyle change.

We intend (and hold us to this!) to spend more time outside and less time complaining about traffic.  We would like to hike on a moment's notice, visit a vineyard, or walk to a restaurant, all without major production or fanfare.  We hope to unplug at night.


That's not to say that a new location fixes everything or is the key to happiness, but it is to say that there is something to being intentional about where you want to live, and for the first time in our married life, we're choosing place.



We want to set down roots.



We've been on edge for the past six months, uncertain of what awaited us.  We have more answers than questions now, and we're slowly exhaling.  Things are taking shape, and we're ready.


Emily Rowell Brown