I'm catching my breath (although not without sniffles and coughs since I've caught Dan's cold!) after Easter, and spring is definitely in the air.  Post-Easter ties with September for igniting my desire for fresh beginnings and my inspiration to make changes.

Dan and I are looking ahead to more house projects, particularly outdoor ones.  We would love to build a deck, but for now we are focusing on rehabbing our grass, terracing our very hilly backyard (the downside of living nestled in the mountains), and keeping weeds at bay.  My raised garden beds produced nothing last year so I am debating on whether or not I will try again this year, but at the very least, I have some basil going.  Everything really does taste better with fresh herbs!

On the work front, I am plugging away and praying that days had thirty-four hours instead of twenty-four. Let's just say that I have more ideas and dreams than I have time or bandwidth, and I am still figuring out how hard to push and when it's time to let go.

To boost my motivation to combat some less-than-great habits that have taken root (e.g., shorting my bedtime, letting too long go by in between catching up with faraway friends, neglecting my gratitude practice), I am listening to Gretchen Rubin's Better than Before during my morning commute.  Whenever I download an audiobook, I remember how much more pleasant my commute becomes when I have an engaging read, and I realize that I should do it more often.  I spent a few minutes requesting more titles from the library, so hopefully a new book will be available once I am finished with this one.

I am loving the extra daylight.  What a difference it makes to arrive home before dark!  The sunlight has boosted my mood significantly.

My writing energies are tapped out by the end of each day.  Between composing sermons and reflections and drafting announcements and other communications, my ability to sit still and think and reflect and put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) is gone.  A larger question I am tossing around is what my creative outlet looks like in this particular season of life--Do I adjust my schedule and see if I can fit more in at the beginning of the day?  Do I let writing go entirely for a while?  Do I write sporadically, as I have been?  I am not thrilled with the third option, but I find myself wanting to reach some sort of intentional decision.  I really dislike doing many things poorly, and I feel that such has been the rule and not the exception lately.

 And I'm off again to the next thing...!

Emily Rowell Brown