Podcasts that will pass your long commute

It's no secret that I hate DC and Northern Virginia traffic.  Factoring in a long commute time proved one of the most difficult transitions I had to make upon moving to the area.  That said, my copious hours in the car have made me quite the expert on podcast inventories.  Here are some of my favorites, and I hope you find something you can enjoy too, whether you want to pass time while you fold laundry, need some company as you cook dinner, or, like me, spend the better part of your day in a small sedan.


Note: I tried to keep my lists filled with more obscure titles and refrained from mentioning podcasts such as This American Life and Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me! since they are so widely known.


On Faith, Spirituality, and Intentionality

  • On Being with Krista Tippet

    • The Gist: Krista interviews faith leaders and spiritual practitioners (broadly defined) on their ways of being in the world
    • In Three Words: Moving, introspective, paradigm-shifting
  • The Lively Show

    • The Gist: Jess Lively interviews entrepreneurial individuals (primarily bloggers) on how they live with intention
    • In Three Words: Inspirational, upbeat, motivating
  • The Art of Simple

    • The Gist: Tsh Oxenreider informally talks with guests about living intentionally and sometimes opting to go "against the grain" of today's culture
    • In Three Words: Cheerful, conversational, affirming

On Current Events

  • Anything by Slate (I like Political Gabfest, Culture Gabfest, Double X Gabfest, and Mom and Dad Are Fighting)

    • The Gist: Hosts provide commentary on three topics relating to the week's current events (listening to the podcast is sort of like eavesdropping on journalists sparring over drinks after hours
    • In Three Words: Informative, witty, smart

On Productivity

  • This Is Your Life

    • The Gist: Former Thomas Nelson CEO Michael Hyatt speaks about leadership and building an influential platform, whether you seek to make your impact in the home, in your company, or in your community
    • In Three Words: Concise, personal, focused
  • After the Jump

    • The Gist: Design Sponge creator Grace Bonney talks with makers about doing their art for a living in our increasingly technological world
    • In Three Words: Creative, energetic, unexpected
  • Inspired to Action and How They Blog

    • The Gist: Kat Lee interviews mothers (Inspired to Action) and bloggers (How They Blog) on making time count
    • In Three Words: Warm, encouraging, practical
  • Elise Gets Crafty

    • The Gist: Blogger Elise Cripe talks shop with fellow entrepreneurs and tackles topics ranging from time organization to inventory
    • In Three Words: Accessible, business-minded, fresh

On Animal and Environmental Ethics

  • Our Hen House

    • The Gist: Spouses Jasmin Singer and Mariann provide insightful and entertaining commentary on events happening in the animal rights world and feature interviews with movers and shakers in the vegan community
    • In Three Words: Activism with flair
  • Food for Thought

    • The Gist: Colleen Patrick Goudreau provides reflections on the meaning of being vegan and answers listener questions
    • In Three Words: Intelligent, measured, soothing (just listen to her voice!)

On Food

  • The Alton Browncast

    • The Gist: Food celebrity Alton Brown interviews cooks, chefs, stylists, and producers in the food world to learn what makes them tick
    • In Three Words: Quirky, sarcastic, intriguing
  • Spilled Milk

    • The Gist: Blogger and author Molly Weizenberg and co-host Matthew taste test various recipes and brands of a particular episode, all the while providing unscripted, insightful, and not-so-G-rated commentary
    • In Three Words: Hilarious chaos ensues

On Frivolity (which face it, sometimes we need)

  • Joy the Baker Podcast

    • The Gist: Blogger and baker Joy chats with best friend and blogger Tracy about "the most important unimportant things" (think nail polish and cookie butter) while offering friendly advice on everything from relationships to cake baking
    • In Three Words: Charming, silly (in a good way), light-hearted

Now you tell me: what are your favorites?  Do you listen to podcasts, or do you do something else to pass the time traveling to work?