The Best of June

Consumerism is not really something I feel the need or want to encourage on this blog but it seems almost intrinsic to the internet.  Online I am constantly bombarded with things to buy--things I didn't even know I wanted.  That said, some things really do make life better.  Here are a few new favorites of mine:

1.  Royal Pains
Dan and I needed another show to fill the gap of Alias.  Our new series?  Royal Pains, a cheesy, but feel-good TV dramedy about an ER-turned concierge doctor in the Hamptons.  It turns out we have a thing for USA shows.  Suits and Necessary Roughness (both available via Netflix) have made our queue too.


2.  Nature Box

A subscription service for healthy snacks, Nature Box is surprisingly affordable.  Each month, an assortment of snacks arrives on your doorstep.  You may customize your box (I did) or choose to have the company surprise you.  The snacks are unique (think lemon pucker pistachios and unsweetened dried pear slices) and healthier than the average snack you might buy at the grocery store.  I decided to spring for the service both for the fun and financial factors.  We buy snacks to tide us over between lunch and dinner in our household anyway, and these snacks cost as much any other but are more nutritious and interesting.




3.  Trunk Club

Another subscription service made the list.  There is something fantastically exciting about having gifts arrive at your doorstep every so often (I will note that both Nature Box and Trunk Club allow you to pause your subscription--if this were not an option, I would be far less likely to indulge in either).  This company sends higher end clothes to men based upon their measurements and style preferences.  A personal shopper tailors the selections for each client (Dan actually went to the Trunk Club DC storefront instead of opting to have a package sent to him, but if you lived elsewhere, you would receive your clothes via mail).  The stylist's eye was magnificent and both Dan and I would agree that the higher price tag is worth it.  The personal touches go a long way: the company sends personal notes to their clients and makes notes to improve suggestions each time a client makes a purchase or rejects items.  Dan's clothes from Trunk Club fit him better than any other clothes he owns and are made of quality materials.



4.  Iced coffee

The Trader Joe's cold brew concentrate works nicely when I feel lazy.  Otherwise, the Pioneer Woman's recipe is classic.



5.  The Nest

This "smart" thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home from anywhere, as long as you have internet access.  It learns your behavioral patterns and adjusts accordingly.  I appreciated being able to begin to cool the house from the New York airport as we headed home from our vacation to Saint Maarten.  Cooling down from 80 degrees takes quite a while, and although we still suffered through a very hot night, at least my thinking ahead spared us a few degrees of heat!





Any favorite finds this month?