The Best of April

Consumerism is not really something I feel the need or want to encourage on this blog but it seems almost intrinsic to the internet.  Online I am constantly bombarded with things to buy--things I didn't even know I wanted.  That said, some things really do make life better.  Here are a few new favorites of mine:

1.  From the Farmer
The best of both worlds: convenience and local food.  This service delivers to your door the freshest seasonal produce from around the DC area.  Since battling rush hour traffic to pick up my CSA box is the last thing I want to do each week (we tried that last year, and it just did not work for us!), this is a nice compromise.  You pay a little more and the farmers don't benefit quite as much, but the ease of use means that I will stick with it, which I think makes it worth it.  Simply leave your box outside your door and the next morning, fresh goodies await!  You can also change your box size, customize your box contents, or suspend your service at any time without charge.  I should be a paid spokesperson for them, huh? (To be clear, though: I'm not.)


2.  Daylight
I love sunshine in the evening hours.  It makes it feel like summer and everything seems less stressful.  Life seems to go at a slower, gentler pace when there is plenty of daylight to go around.

3.  Dancing with the Stars
Never before have I watched this show, but I suppose this year Full House alum Candace Cameron Bure and my mother's continued endorsement proved too irresistible.  I DVR and watch the show on my spin bike or while doing burpees (which makes me feel only slightly less guilty about burning two hours of my life ogling over fancy costumes and choreography), but what can I say?  It's fun.  To my surprise and dismay, I suppose I am now a DWTS fan.



4.   Georgetown University
I am beginning to check out the campus now that my new job has begun, and it is beautiful.  I forgot how much I loved being in the midst of old historic buildings steeped in tradition and folklore.  Again, it's just fun.  And Hoya--the Georgetown mascot--is almost as much fun to say as Wahoo (for those who don't know, UVA was my alma mater).

5.  New light fixtures
So long boob lights!  You knew a home improvement would have to make this month's list.  We are in the process of swapping out all of the light fixtures in our house--and re-drywalling, sanding, and painting the ceilings--and it makes such a difference!  What an easy and impactful update! (Young House Love makes a very reasonably priced line of light fixtures if you're in the market.)



6.  Dried chickpeas
My new favorite snack.  I've made them myself before, but they never get as crispy.  I never cease to be astounded by the power of the chickpea.  All the flavors are good but I love the smoky (and spicy!) chili and lime.  The cinnamon sugar is good too and I'd love to try thechocolate.

7.  Wunderlist
The Type A in me loves lists, and this app makes it easy to create, share, and revise separate project lists.  There are a few flaws--you cannot create lists within a list--only subtasks within a larger task--and there are restrictions on how many assignments you can issue out in the free version--but all in all, I like its simple, sleek interface and its suitability for both mobile and desktop use.


What are some of your favorite finds this month?