The Best of March

Consumerism is not really something I feel the need or want to encourage on this blog but it seems almost intrinsic to the internet.  Online I am constantly bombarded with things to buy--things I didn't even know I wanted.  That said, some things really do make life better.  Here are a few new favorites of mine:

1.  Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner
Yes, I really am this excited about a vacuum.  We decided to go the "frugal" route and buy a refurbished one, but even still, it set us back more than we have ever spent on all of our vacuum cleaners combined.  But, we've had it for less than forty-eight hours now and I can already say that it's worth it.  Do you know how much time you save not wrangling a cord?  Twelve minutes (not that I'm counting).  Seriously, this thing cut my vacuum time to a third of what it was.  And, since Gigi continues to bless us with clumps of black hair all over the house (seriously, how does she have so much hair?), I consider this a great investment in my time and sanity.


2.  The Oh She Glows Cookbook
This has taken off in vegan circles, but I'm not sure about with everyone else.  If you buy one vegan cookbook, buy this one.  I've linked to them before and always had good things to say, but I will say again that Angela's recipes consistently turn out well and please the most vegetable-loving and -hating palates.  A chocolate espresso torte, orange-maple miso noodle bowl, and a vegan take on Caesar salad are a few recipes on my to-make list.


3.  Standing desks, just in general

As I mentioned in the last post, Dan built me a new desk.  The secretary was so low to the ground that I was constantly straining my neck and back when I was at the computer.  I am so much less sore having made the switch, and now I want to look into converting my work desk to a standing station.  Since we went the DIY route, we ended up spending less than $100 on the desk, but they easily retail for $400.  Handy husbands are wonderful.


4.  On Being

I've been a fan of Krista Tippett's podcast for a while now, but I recently went back to listen to some of her old interviews when her show was called Speaking of Faith.  Brian McLaren, Brene Brown, Ellen Davis, and Karen Armstrong are some of my favorite familiar voices, but it is enriching to listen to people I don't know too.  



5.  Snow

I'm totally lying.  But I did love that the snowstorms closed schools which lessened traffic and made my commute so much more bearable! (Sorry to the parents.)  I guess that stretching, huh?