Something is better than nothing

I keep thinking that one day soon I will have all this time to write something substantial, carefully crafted, and thoughtful.  Well, two and a half months have passed and I have yet to see that time, so I am trying more and more to live by the mantra that something is better than nothing.  Progress, not perfection.  Don't let perfection be the enemy of good.  Almost still isn't.  And all of those other cliches....


I don't like to think that I am an all or nothing person, but when it comes to the blog and tasks I don't particularly enjoy or feel comfortable doing, I suppose I am.  So I am trying to deep clean the house a little bit more--even if it is one appliance or window or shelf at a time--to stand rather than sit when I spend hours at my computer, to eat the frogs (what's the vegan way to say that?) at the beginnings of my days. 

I'm popping in to say hello mostly but also give a few updates, all of which lead me to think of this blog's name.  I think my obsession with titles is simply another way to procrastinate.  We all do this, right?  When we have the perfect name, or the perfect design, whether it is for a blog or home or project, then we can get started?  In truth it never seems to work that way.  But, my desk has changed, my jobs have changed, which means that The Secretary Blog name seems less fitting.  I am not doing so much administrative work and childcare now, and I swapped the beautiful old secretary for an MDF wall-mounted desk, for which my back and neck greatly thank me.  Antiques don't tend to function to support heavy computer usage.  I thought the blog name would have more staying power.  But I am going to chalk this itch to re-brand up to restlessness or wanderlust and stay with it.  It works.  I still write, after all, and I enjoy encouraging reflection on women's roles in our society and the merits and limits of tradition.


New stuff:


Blog Tweak: You may notice that I have given the blog a mild update.  You can now see some of my favorite podcasts, products, and books on the recommendations and shopping list pages and what I am currently reading on the sidebar.  I love discovering new voices from others' recommendations so I thought it might be fun to share what is on my nightstand and iPod.

House Improvements: A fair chunk of my time has actually gone into housing projects.  Since we've bought the house, we've installed new countertops, changed our washer-dryer configuration, ripped out the carpets to reveal hardwood, painted our stair risers, converted a closet into a pantry, built my new desk, and most recently, painted our exterior door and replaced the screen door.  I should have taken before pictures!  What they say is true, though: houses are a money pit.

New Job:  I also accepted a job with Georgetown University as the Episcopal campus minister.  This will make my work-life balance (if there is such a thing) so much better, and I am looking forward to learning more about and becoming more involved in the Georgetown community.  All this means that I am leaving my job as a program assistant to a campus ministry at George Mason behind, and, if I did not already mention it, I am no longer teaching two-year-olds in the mornings.  Changes, for sure, but good!