A new chapter

Excuse the trite title, but what better way to introduce a new blog about writing and miscellaneous life musings?

A lot has happened since I last blogged. I am sure that some of the changes will become apparent in my posts as I reflect upon how my life unfolds, and--not to sound too frustratingly opaque but so that I may preserve at least some modicum of privacy in our increasingly connected cybersphere--I will for now leave it at that. New life circumstances called for a new blog. Change can be good, and Pieces/Peaces marked so much of my time in divinity school, although now that I have graduated, I want greater creative freedom. They (who is "they" anyway?) say not too make one's writing too broad and try to write about everything because one will essentially communicate nothing. But I am planning to ignore this advice and expand my focus because ironically, this Master of Divinity student grew tired of talking about God and faith all the time. I think about those things a great deal--I would imagine more than the average person, given how much time I have poured into theological study. But I also think about daily household chores and job searching and recipes and Texas filibusters and flip flops, and while all these topics absolutely fit into spiritual living, I find myself not always wanting to make that connection...at least not through my blog.

Essays still are my bread and my (vegan) butter, my favorite kind of writing, where I can write just enough until I get tired, begin to scratch the surface and leave some loose ends, tease a bit, even, in order to spark further reflection and discussion. Sometimes online, however, I like not to think so much, and instead to find ideas for cleaning the house easily or stumble upon a fellow American lamenting and at the same time expressing fascination with the plethora of internships and dearth of paying jobs in the current employment landscape. I enjoy discovering links to good articles and book reviews and referrals to clever blogs and opinion pages. So I plan to share some of these kinds of things here, too.

Hopefully I will along the way say something useful rather than clutter the blogosphere with even more content and little substance. I invite you to join me as I think about tradition: its place, its manifestations, its interpretations, and its rejection. 

Poke around on my about page for a better idea of this blog's focus, and I will be back soon with a more substantive post!