Why children are like dogs (or is it that dogs are like children?)

I work with two-year-olds for half of my day, and then I come home to a puppy.  The interactions, I have found, are not all that different.

1.  The world is best explored through the mouth.

2.  Hold anything small in your hand, and of course it is food and needs to be eaten.

3.  They find the absolute best (read: worst) places and times to poop.

4.  We cheer for their ability to exhibit normal bodily functions on command (Go potty!  Go potty!  Good girl!).

5.  They want nothing more than to be in your lap, and once they are in your lap, they squirm.

6.  They see beyond parents' attempts to distract them, unless there is food involved.

7.  Their high pitched whines are remarkably similar.

8.  They find new ways to make us say "no" on autopilot every day.

9.  The only one excited about bedtime is you.

10.  We think baby talk (translation: talking two octaves higher than normal and sticking --ieee on the end of every other word) will somehow make them understand us.

11.  The loud thumps we hear coming from their direction makes our hearts stop.

12.  The more insistently you call them, the more intently they ignore you.

13.  Running around in circles is the natural response to excitement.

14.  They are far more effective birth control than anything on the market.

15.   Playing with toys is fun.  Destroying toys is more fun.

16.  Bins, canisters, and baskets are for dumping and knocking over.  Duh.

17.  Treats in the shapes of animals and animal parts invoke silence better than you ever could.

18.  They scavenge the floor to find tasty bits, edible or not.

19.  Bows and jackets would have no place in our world if dogs and small children had any say.

20.  We enjoy watching them have fun more than we enjoy having fun ourselves.

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