I cook. I clean. I'm a mom and a priest. Oh, and I make my husband's and kids' lunches too.


We live in a quiet Virginia neighborhood and our house has everything but the picket fence. On the surface, my life looks eerily and maddeningly as though it was plucked from 1950s white Americana. 


Don't get me wrong: I like tradition. I sent out the standard white folded wedding invitations and craft meal plans and laugh with the church youth about whether Israelites recycled and wore hand-me-downs. But what I don't like is when people tell me that I must or expect that I follow tradition. As I see it, there is much in life to hold firmly to, but there is also much that is better let go or reinvented.


So here, I talk about everything from negotiating my veganism and my father's allegiance to the hunting lifestyle to defining "women's work" to searching for the divine (and sometimes finding God within church walls).   My husband Dan and our three children (furry and human) make appearances from time to time, too.

Pull up your own desk chair and join me, will you?



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